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Daniel Salgado
Tribal Chairman
Andrea Candelaria
Tribal Vice-Chairwoman
Roberta Leash
Tribal Secretary
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Adrian Salgado Sr.
Tribal Council Member
Erica Calloway
Tribal Council

As a federally recognized Indian Tribe established by executive order in 1875 by the United States Government, the Cahuilla Band of Indians exercises the inherit sovereign right to self-government. The Cahuilla Tribal Government is organized democratically and operates in accordance with the customs and traditions of the Cahuilla people. Tribal Council embraces the legal authority and responsibility to protect and promote the welfare of Tribal Members and jurisdiction of reservation lands. Thus, Tribal Council is elected by majority vote of the entire General Membership and serves four-year staggered terms.

Working collaboratively with Tribal Council, Tribal Boards and Committees are also elected to assist with specific governmental, economic, and community functions of the Tribe.

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