Cultural Department

52701 Highway 371
Cahuilla Indian Reservation
Anza, CA 92539

The Cahuilla Cultural Department was established in July of 2015. The purpose of the department is to preserve and protect cultural resources throughout Cahuilla’s aboriginal territory.  The Cahuilla Culture Department works beside the Cahuilla Cultural Committee to develop and implement various programs and functions that strengthen cultural ties for Cahuilla people and promotes cultural awareness to surrounding communities.  The department also hosts various classes for Tribal Members to become certified in preservation methods.
Cultural Monitoring Class, 2015

The Cultural Department has a newly developed Cultural Monitoring program where cultural preservation monitors work alongside Federal, State, County, City, and Tribal agencies to ensure the preservation of Cahuilla’s resources. The monitor plays a vital role in preserving culturally sensitive areas by working together with said entities before construction or development takes place.

Contact Information:
Andreas Heredia
, Cultural Director
Phone: 951-763-5549, ext. 105

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52701 Hwy 371
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